Our Performance Improvement Programs

Research has shown that organizations improve when people improve, especially in their ability to set goals, communicate, delegate, prioritize and produce. Using our time-tested, proven programs and processes, changes in results can be measured.

All of our programs are customized to meet the specific needs, goals, and desired outcomes of our clients. All classes are designed and structured to provide maximum benefit to the adult learner in three specific areas:

  1. Increasing the retention of material presented.
  2. Applying key learnings to each participant’s area of responsibility goals.
  3. Tracking and measuring progress to determine return on investment.

Program Details

Classes are interactive, allowing for discussion in support of organizational goals and team building. Lessons are held either weekly or bi-weekly, two hours in length, and conducted on your site in order to eliminate travel and non-productive time. Participants who complete all requirements of the program are also eligible for professional Continuing Education Units.

Effective Personal Productivity

Productivity is the wellspring of success and a basic part of human nature, yet many people lack the direction they need to achieve. Learn how Leadership Management International's Effective Personal Productivity program will help members of your organization:

  • Evaluate their attitude and make productive behavioral changes
  • Set goals and achieve results
  • Increase productivity through controlling priorities
  • Communicate more effectively
  • Become a team player
  • Deal with interruptions
  • Thrive in a learning environment

Effective Personal Leadership

All individuals within an organization take on significance as they represent the organization to the outside world and as they interact within the organization. Their personal motivation and self-image are key to how they perform, respond, and lead. Effective Personal Leadership helps people:

  • Realize their potential for personal leadership through building on strengths and improving self-image
  • Make choices for success by overcoming past conditioning
  • Increase self-motivation by altering attitudes, behaviors, and habits
  • Develop a written and specific Plan of Action for success

Effective Leadership Development

Most managers and supervisors lack the leadership and supervisory skills necessary to fulfill their positions. For example, failing to delegate, many find themselves working long hours and fighting burn-out. Effective Leadership Development program will help them:

  • Motivate people to a higher level of productivity
  • Get more done through time management
  • Learn the art of delegation and giving direction
  • Exercise authority effectively
  • Handle and prevent problems with people
  • Develop the potential of employees

Effective Selling Strategies

Successful salespeople are self-motivated, focused, and have crystallized goals. They enjoy interacting with people and understand the importance of the desire to be of service. In addition, they know the "basics" of professional selling. Effective Selling Strategies program helps people:

  • Learn the art of prospecting
  • Prepare an effective presentation
  • Recognize buying signals and discover prime buying motives
  • Become an expert closer
  • Deliver exceptional customer service

Effective Team Dynamics

When a team works effectively and efficiently, everyone wins. A successful team is truly an example of synergy at work - that is, accomplishing more as a team then individuals could by working alone. Effective Team Dynamics program helps teams:

  • Develop high-performance teamwork
  • Work together to achieve team goals
  • Assume responsibility and accountability
  • Handle challenges through team communication
  • Create mutual trust, support, and collaboration

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